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Elizabeth E.
United States

Joovv Wow!

I've been using the Joovv daily for 4 weeks now and have a noticeable happy upswing in my disposition. I'm also enjoying that during my workouts, I feel increased energy like I had before I got Lyme. I'm so excited to have this as part of my healthy upgraded protocol! Thanks Joovv

Jeremy W.

Increased Testosterone

Joov has been great, I use it every morning for increased testosterone, a tip by Ben Greenfield fitness. More effective and easier than swallowing pills and other supplements

Jesse T.
United States

Great product

I feel great after I use my joovv! I occasionally even use it on my dog to help with his ailments.

Emily G.
United States

Scars are healing!

The main reason for my purchasing this light was to help heal some scars that would just not seem to go away with anything else I had tried. I’ve had the Joovv light for a month now, but it only took maybe 2 weeks to start seeing improvements in those scars. They’ve healed more in a month with the Joovv light than over the past several years of trying other natural remedies. I’m really impressed by that! I have the Joovv Mini because that’s what’s in my budget at the moment, but I would love to get the largest Joovv light when I’m able to - it just takes too long to cover much area with the Mini so I only end up using it on my face most of the time.

Megan Kelly

Relief for my daughter's eczema

The mini combo has been amazing for our 1-year-old daughter that is struggling with eczema. Every night after bath time, we sit in front of the JOOVV. I was not expecting it to help with her itching but it definitely has. I have also noticed that having this as a part of our nighttime routine has helped her fall asleep and stay asleep- once the red light comes on, she knows sleep is around the corner. I love knowing her cells and body are benefitting every time we use the light and I am excited to use the JOOVV long term to help heal her skin entirely.