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Ava F.
United States


I got this in an attempt to treat some major health problems. I believe this has helped a lot. Turns out, I have an endocrine disorder that has been pumping my system full of inflammation and stress hormones constantly for the last 30+ years. There are many symptoms, the major ones being insomnia and extreme ovarian cysts. I've realized that all of the uncomfortable, disruptive, inconvenient, extremely painful and semi-debilitating symptoms are expressions of inflammation, caused by a chemical malfunction. I got and started using this when I felt another cyst coming on (which was sccompanied/preceded by the usual extreme hair loss, uptick to extreme insomnia, and many other gnarly symptoms). I was really at a point where I didn't think my professional or personal life could handle going through the cycle again. I started using the light at least once a day, sometimes twice, generally for 12-15 minutes at close range, front and back. I'm doing a ton of other lifestyle things to try to get healthy and specifically fight inflammation, so I can't attribute everything to the joovv light. But, I can say this: Most times I stand facing the light, it makes me have to ****. It is stimulating my intestines, and I know that if it's getting to my intestines, it's getting to my ovaries. I have been using the light for about 2 months now (?), and I definitely felt that the cyst got better and almost went away. Again, I might not attribute this all to the light, but: there have been a couple of times in those 2 months that I didn't use it for 2-3 days at a time - and the ***** started hurting again. When I started using it again, the pain went away. One interesting thing is that my feet have gone down a half size or more; all of my shoes are too big. I'm a very lean person anyway, so this is not from fat loss; it's definitely inflammation-related. I can tell a difference in looking at the veins in my arms and the puffiness in my face that using the light helps my overall, systemic inflammation levels. I'm also, of course, prone to lots of general pain and tension in my body, and the light definitely helps dissipate that. I have some pretty major issues that are going to take a while to deal with. I'm thankful that there is so much information available now, and that there are tools like this to have in my arsenal. For me, this may truly be a life-saver - not that I believe I was on the brink of death, but because my livelihood and ability to support and take care of myself were on the brink of collapse, and I felt I was peering over a cliff into inevitable and steep decline, at age 42. Again: it's not my only tool, but I believe it's a significant one.

Heather Y.
United States

Love my Joovv Max

This was a worthy investment for me. I bought the Max light as a trial, and I am not going to return it, despite what for me was a lot of money to spend. I'm definitely glad I got the Max and not a smaller size. I have been using it twice daily, about 12 minutes on each side of my body per session, and making sure I get my left foot. I have been suffering from a pretty severe case of plantar fasciitis for over year that left me in so much pain I could barely walk on that foot, and would sometimes even be lying awake at night in pain. Within a week of using the Joovv, the pain in my foot was significantly reduced to the point where I was no longer limping, no longer in pain during the night, and only noticing any pain occasionally. The foot is still injured and healing, but it is not so crippling any more, which is a huge relief. I also have found the light to be extremely helpful for my mood and mental clarity...feels like it is clearing away any debris that might have accumulated in my energy body. It is my sense that the light works on multiple levels, not all of which are physical. I have not yet noticed much difference in my skin looking better, which was also a hope (for wrinkles, scars, etc.), but this may take more time. The effects on mood, energy, and mental clarity, as well as foot pain, are plenty to keep me motivated to use my Joovv twice daily.

United States

Max Health

After 3 weeks of daily use, morning stiffness significantly reduced. Vision is improving. Retired manufacturing inspector, the Max Combo is a quality product, and I look forward to continued improvement in the quality of my life.

Bryan C.
United States

Not what I thought...Much much more

I have had my standard Joovv with mixed bulb types for about 4 weeks. I returned it...and got the Max! I love this thing. I bought mine primarily for; Increased Blood Flow to my tendons Pain reduction in my joints Increased testosterone Improved skin tone The limited pain I have left in my joints, form some injuries pretty much went away within days of using the light, that shocked me...not why I made the major upgrade...but still cool I feel like I have positive results in all of the categories I listed...still not while I bought it. I made the purchase, cause I will wake up feeling great stand in front of this light and realize 4-5 hours later I have felt better all morning and didn’t think there was another “gear”, I already felt great. I noticed I have energy, not like a caffeine kick, natural smooth energy. I just keep going and don’t get tired. In essence, I get more quality out of each day...time/energy/mood I didn’t know I was missing. That is why I am hooked. If I get any of the other results awesome.

Micayla W.
United States

Love it!

Made my skin much softer. Pours are getting smaller everyday. I love my light!