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Addicted to Red light!!
"A month has gone by since recieving my Joovv and I must say i am extremely impressed. Fantastic build quality shows from the moment you take it out of the box , which, after spending a large amount of money, was reassuring. Even after a week of daily use I already could feel my energy levels increase and now after a month, benefits to skin quality and tone are also apparent.... looking forward to see how my overall health improves after continued use😁 Highly recommended !!!!! Thank you Joovv !!!! Fantastic product !!!!!!"
Paul E.
"I have joovved for 5 weeks, 20mins a day and feel great...little aches and pains are almost eliminated."
Todd W.
joovv is cool!
"I'm still learning about it. And I do like the way it makes me feel happy while I'm using it! I travel with my work so unfortunately i don't get to use it every day but I really try to make sure I do every day I'm home!"
Laura M.
Joovv Review
"Love my new lights. I notice a definite acceleration in my recovery time post exercise with less muscle soreness and more energy. I highly recommend them to everyone."
Christian T.
"My son who is a Health and Wellness practitioner recommended this to me. I absolutely love the results, after using Red light for my skin, my pores are significantly smaller, the brown spots have reduced to almost nothing and the tone of my skin looks fantastic ! and this is only after three weeks. I’ve had numerous people comment and ask what I’ve done to my skin to make it look so radiant. One of my friends was so impressed she has bought herself a machine as well. I’m super excited to see how my skin will continue to improves over the next few weeks. I am TRILLED , EVERY THING the reviews and studies say and shows is true ! I also use the Red Light on my back every morning while I am meditating and the tightness in my back is almost completely gone . I am just thrilled , I can’t fully express how wonderful And successful the red light has been , it's been a VERY positive experience all-around ! I also really love the fact that it’s a holistic way of improving skin health and body health. LOVE IT !!.... THANK YOU The customer service was amazing as well"
Suzanne Adams
Enjoying my Joovv
"I've been using the Joovv Red Light Therapy panel every day, 10 minutes each day, for the past 3 months. I am 60 years old with immune system issues. I've noticed a gradual improvement in my immune systems response to stress and I am now seeing an improvement in my skin with a reduction in wrinkles. I think it would be better to use the light more than 10 minutes a day and on different parts of the body. I only use it on my front side after showering. But at least I'm consistent and I do believe that has been paying off these past few months. I highly recommend the light and for myself will continue to use it daily as I do believe it works for me. "
Margie S.
Fountain of Youth
"I've owned the Joovv "Max Combo" for approximately 1 month now. I'm a 57 year old male. Saying I'm ecstatic with my device would be an understatement. The first benefit I noticed after my very first treatment was an increase in testicular function. This may be tmi, but I standing in front of my Joov nude twice daily at a distance of approximately 12". My protocol is for 8 minutes facing forward and 8 minutes rearward, once in the morning, and once in the evening. My testicles are bigger and more dense than they have been since I was a teenager. Believe me, I can tell the difference. I used to be on TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) so I feel I am in a good position to gauge the effect. Part of my therapy included subQ injections of HCG which mimics luteinizing hormone in the body and stimulates the testicles to produce more testosterone. You can tell when this is working because the testicles become bigger and denser, just like the effect I am receiving from my Joovv light. However, the Joovv light works even better! I can tell my testosterone has increased because my sex drive is though the roof. My confidence has increased. I'm more aggressive, etc. Basically look up all the benefits males receive from TRT, and that is what I am experiencing without the expense of prescription meds, and the need for injections. I monitor my hormone levels on a regular basis and was considering going back on TRT. Before purchasing this light. I had my hormone levels checked. The results showed my total testosterone level was 552. I am going to get it checked again in the next couple of months and I would bet $100 it's up to the levels I was at while on TRT. I will update or post a new testimony after I verify this with my test results. You read testimonies and take them with a grain of salt. You never know who might be writing them, or what their motive is. I'm a believer now. Even if the only benefit I received from this light was increased testosterone production, it would be well worth the investment. (The TRT drugs for 1 year would cost me about the same price I paid for my Max Combo). However, I am noticing the other benefits that Joovv owners are experiencing as well. Less joint pain, faster recovery from my workouts. My skin has made big improvements and is continuing to improve. I have almost no blemishes at all any more, and this use to be a problem for me. I have a raised area above one of my eyebrows and another on my chin which continue to fade and are almost non-existent. I used to cut the one on my chin when I would shave, not anymore. I know this light is not suppose to tan you, but I notice a faint bronzing effect after my treatments. My skin also itches less and feels smoother and healthier. I can't say enough about the light. In fact, if I can talk the wife into it, I would like to purchase an "Original Combo" to hang on the closet doors 90 degrees opposite my Combo Max so I can get the sides of my body when I face front and rear. Also it's more portable and I could take it with me when I travel, so I would never have to be without it."
Roy M.
My scars are lighter
"I use it 10 minutes in the morning to start my day on a positive. In a few weeks of daily 10 minute nightly use my 2 surgical scars have lightened. "
Migdalia P.
I discovered light therapy
"I wish I had discovered the jooovv light a long time ago. I use it every morning to kick start my day. I have felt an increase in energy and overall a feeling of calm. I've noticed my face has gotten smoother and dark spots have gotten light.. I'm so excited about the joovv light"
Alvin P.
I feel like I’m on the beach 🏖 getting sunny rays!
"Joovv light therapy had started making wonderful changes in my body! I only recently took it out of the box because we need to find a good place to hang it. Since I started using it 10-12 minutes in the morning I have noticed my mood had become lighter happier and I have a since of well-being. The biggest change I noticed immediately was my libido came back! I was so upset and worried that going through menopause was going to change me forever. Thanks to Joovv I’m so hopeful, excited and happy for my future! Sitting in front of the warm lights with my eyes closed sends me to the beach everyday! Much love and happiness to you all! "
The best light therapy solution we have used
"As cofounder of the Human Garage I am responsible for the therapies that help our clients heal. We have reviewed hundreds of light Technologies and concluded that Joovv Provides the most consistent and effective light therapy Of any other light healing modality on the market. We are installing Joovv Lights and all of our fashion therapy rooms going forward. In addition to this we have a Joovv at home which we use morning and night.. Garry Lineham Co-founder Human Garage "
Garry L.
Help for Insomnia
"The original combo has greatly improved the quality of my sleep. I noticed after I started using it that my insomnia disappeared. When I stopped using it for about four days, my insomnia returned. Now that I am using it again, I sleep through the night. "
Mary K.
Great Product
"We have been using the Joovv for a couple month and we have seen increased energy as well as skin issues have improved."
Matthew S.
original combo
"I am just finishing my 4 th week with my original combo. What I have noticed so far is my recovery after workouts is great, less muscle soreness, no joint pain. it has even helped with an old knee injury. As far as my skin goes, my pores are getting smaller and fine lines seem to be less pronounced and my facial skin seems to feel tighter. I have been using my combo twice daily for 20 minutes each covering upper and lower body. I think I will be saving up for the Max version though :)"
Roger Maves
Joovv therapy !!!
"Therapy with the joovv has helped in many ways. The results haven’t been overnight and theha are still accumulating but I def feel better since I started using it ! My sleep is better my skin is better !!! My energy is better in the morning after my joov it helps me wake up and get my day started. Inflammations and muscles seem to recover more quickly and def been doing great with my flexibility !! I have been using the joov everyday in the morning and most days in evening as well. I time my sessions with rising and sunset . I have joovv max and use it 10 mins in each side ! It’s a great investment but you have to stick with it !!! "
Felipe P.
"It's helped my stomach inflammation and just give me so much energy. Great purchase!"
Healed debilitating skin condition
"I am so grateful for my combo mini job. For the last few years I’ve been suffering from daily itching the equivalent to poison ivy where the follicle growth happen on my ****.... I tried topical and internal anti-fungal-bacterial-microbial things I could get my hands on. The doctor try a steroid cream that’s wasn’t working so I ordered this light. As soon as I got the light I stopped the cream and began 10 minute sessions twice a day. In just three weeks I’ve reduced bumps that were the size of a nickel, down to blemishes with basically zero inflammation."
Kenneth Connor
Happy Joovver
"There is so much science endorsing photobiomodulation that I'm quite sure my health and longevity will be enhanced using my new Joovv. The reason I want to write a review is to declare how impressed I am with the quality of your unit. Joovv is a solid, well constructed, first rate product that will obviously last a very long time."
Steven M.
I love my Joovv light
"I use my Joovv light everyday and couldn’t imagine going without it! After about a month of use, my girlfriend told me my skin on my face was glowing. Would absolutely recommend the Joovv light!"
Tanner S.
Still unsure
"I think maybe the age spots are fading but same amount of pain"
Marilyn I.
The Joovv Lamp - I'm obsessed!!
"Literally the best purchase I have made in years. This is a VERY robust and brilliantly designed lamp. It is extremely bright and intense (In a good way) and I LOVE staring into the brilliant red glow as it seems to be improving my eyesight and diminishing my floaters. My dreams also seem to be happier and more exciting. It's only been three weeks and I'm looking forward to that twelve week mark where my skin will start to look younger due to the collagen it produces. I am addicited to the deeply healing energy I feel coming from it. It also totally cures a hang-over when pointed at my head and eyes but I have no idea why that would be. It released pain from my Husbands shoulder. I WISH i could afford the whole body one. The small one, which I have got is awesome but IF you have money PLEASE don;t think small.... think BIG and buy the big one cause it'll do your whole body in only fifteen minutes or so instead of you having to move it from place to place like I do. Lastly the family who produced this lamp are SO friendly and have helped me massively and never get tired of answering my questions. Mind you I don't have any questions now as I understand how it works. It's totally safe and the bulbs will last for years apperently!!! I LOVE IT!!!"
Kea M.
Great Product
"Loving the light therapy. I don't get to use it everyday so my benefits are a little slower, but I am enjoying it. Thanks Joovv Light!"
Don't make me leave my Joovv
"I don't like going out of town because it means not having my Joovv with me. I'd wont delve into all the benefits but suffice it to say, all of the research and claims are justified. "
Brian F.
Works great !!!
"The testosterone boost is the most noticeable improvement so far. My feet were tingling like mad after each session. Being a cancer survivor some years ago my nerves are somewhat damaged from treatment so limited my use to once every three days for now. "
steve m.
"-More energy -improved skin -high sex drive"
Luis P.
"I had just built a sauna and got a skin rash on my face and also inflamed some phsorisis I have.. the joovv fixed the rashes on the face and seems to help my phsoriasis.. I also feel more alert I’m sure I live 60degrees north and don’t see much sunlight in the winter I really love this machine!"
"I wanted this system mostly for my Hashimotos. I know it has helped me as I feel so much happier on the days that I get my red light! Thank youJoovv!! Grateful!"
Shelly C.
Max Combo
"A few weeks in: major vision improvement in night time driving - beyond debate. 80-90% reduction of arthritic pain in hands . Additionally, a feeling of energy and well being that reminds me of how it was as a young man. I’m very enthusiastic about this product. Thank you, Joovv. "
Kenneth S.
Love it!
"I had holes in my leg from an external fixator that i was going to get a scar revision well after a month now the holes seemed to fill-in and the color of the scars has almost totally faded WOW!! Also the skin on my chest & back had lots of sun damage now the freckles are 50% faded!! My ankle is always swollen now seems much less swollen. Im actually thinking of upgrading to the max to save time."
anne c.
Great Device/Great Customer Service
"I am in my mid 40s and relatively active. I mountain,bike at least twice per week, and run and lift weights on a regular basis. Over the last couple of years my lower back has been sore and stiff all of the time. Despite daily stretching a yoga once per week, the issue just continued to get worse, especially after riding and leg days. Within a couple of weeks after receiving the Joovv, the stiffness was almost completely gone, and I rarely get sore after lifting matter how hard the workout. Realizing this is something I will likely be using for the rest of my life, I bit the bullet and upgraded to the Max Combo (from the Joovv Original). Joovv customer services has been amazing at every step of the way. If I could give this 10 stars I would."