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S.cosgrove initial review
"Personally I have used everyday and I do tend to find benefits to energy levels and less pain in an old elbow injury.This pain returns if I miss a couple of days. Early days yet but looks promising. Aim to do a review of questionaires from patients but need another 2 months or so to compile. Will let you know!"
stuart c.
Joovv Mobil Stand
"I purchased the joovv mobile stand for my joovv max and it has worked out awesome. It is on wheels so easy to move around and was easy to assemble. Well made I highly recommend it!"
Jamie D.
Sweet Dreams!
"Love my Joovv! I use it almost every morning when I get up, just before stepping into the shower. Within the first day or two I started sleeping much better—couldn’t believe how quickly it worked. Highly recommended. "
Jessica S.
Great puchase
"I really feel less motivated and down when I don't use the light for a time. A few days in a row of use will put me right back into the right mindset."
Jason M.
Ight has been very good.
"I can see a difference in my skin. Less redness."
David D.
Shrinking my cysts
"I use it every day for 30 minutes twice a day. My cyst has shrunk from 8 centimeters to 6. So relieved something is working to make it go away! Thank you!!!"
Helen S.
"I feel the light has been great for me. My hair is coming back in after hair loss with thyroid issues. It seems to be helping me with detox. I have MTHFR mutatation and I know that my phase 2 detox pathways are blocked. It has been one more tool toward balancing my body. Most of all, I feel more grounded which is huge for me since I suffer from anxiety. "
Donna C.
Leading Edge Technology
"I have been using the Joovv panel for about two months and I marvel at the technology and how it has helped my entire family. The benefits range from increased energy and focus, pain relief in muscle tissue and joints and increased intensity. I have not run any lab panels on myself to see the physiological benefits but I am sure they have improved as well. I use the panel every day and can't wait to see the long term benefits as well. I highly recommend it. "
Mike D.
Seems to be working
"I bought the light as I work out and get regular muscle aches and pains, and had a shoulder injury that was inhibiting training in the gym and pool. I've been using the light regularly and, when combined with other forms of therapy, seems to be working. Yeh! Besides, it feels good to stand in front of the light every day too. "
Simon H.
This is an investment in your wellbeing!
"I am so happy to have invested in such an amazing product. My husband and I as well as my mother who has MS have had wonderful benefits. We have all seen a decrease in inflammation and pain which is a very hard thing to achieve with MS. The lights give you an energy boost as well as an overall feeling of happiness and wellbeing. If I don’t Joovv I know it. We live in rainy Vancouver and all suffer from SAD in the winter time because it’s just so grey and gloomy sometimes and my Joovv feels like the sunshine is back! I expect that we will continue to see benefits the longer we have it and look forward to seeing what else it can do for us! Sometimes we just turn it on in the evening and bask in its relaxing. This light has already paid for itself many times. Thank you Joovv! "
tania J.
Light of Our Life
"My wife and I both love our Joov light and make sure to spend at least twenty minutes total in front of it daily. Our hair is getting darker, our skin looks better, we sleep better, the day begins much more energized. And hopefully that is only the tip of the iceberg, as the light penetrates our body to help rejuvenate our mitochondria. This, at the end of the day, is our goal. Even our seven year old son loves to get in front of our light. It's been worth the price, and we aren't wealthy people at all. "
Steven F.
I love my light!!
"I've been a big fan of light therapy for a number of years. I have a lightbox for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and I've been using a ILLT for a couple years to help with an itchy scalp and both have been godsends. The Joovv light takes it to a whole other level for whole body health and well being. It's super easy to use. Is built about as high quality as you can imagine and works!! Very satisfied buyer."
I enjoy and I look
"I enjoy and I look forward to my 10 minute session with the Joovv light each morning. I have EXTREME anxiety (exaggerated startle response) and while I react as strongly to sudden startle as before, I still yet feel more relaxed in between such events. I've only used Joovv for one month so I have expectation that my anxiety will improve even more with time."
LeeAnn S.
"It has been really positive and i totally recommend the Joovv. my skin feels great and younger. i am energized. my recovery from a hard workout is alot faster. minor injuries heal faster. For some reason my private is thicker and bigger. its too much information, but its the truth. Great buy. "
alejandro v.
Love it
"The Joovv has brought me so many fantastic benefits. From the anti inflammation to the way it makes my eyes feel while using and after use. One of the most exciting results was reduction of a visual migraine I was suffering from. By introducing the therapy during my migraine I was able to reduce the symptoms within minutes "
Hunter M.
Loving my joovv light
"My husband and I have been using the joovv light for about two months now. We are noticing that we have more energy and our skin is looking better. I look forward to using it every morning. "
Shelley A.
A little light - a lot of help!
"I am thrilled with the results I’m getting from the Joovv mini combo. It has helped with muscle pain and also made my face look so smooth. I would highly recommend it! Eileen "
Eileen W.
Love this light!!
"I have been using the Joovv light almost everyday for the last couple months and I’m definitely seeing improvement of the fine lines around my eyes. I use the light before I go to bed to help me relax, I’ve been sleeping like a baby! Thank you Joovv! "
Andrea O.
Love it
"Using light for gum strengthening which began to occur within days of using light. Also hoping it help bone density. Stay tuned!"
Patricia M.
Nice product
"I feel the product is keeping me fit in this winter environment we are in....I am already in good shape and have no received health issues for a 70 year old.... But it seem to give you a good sense of that great day in the sun at the beach which is great... All the things it is suppose to help I would say I hope so...Will report later ...I have only used it for a few weeks."
Michael J.
Lighting Me Up!
"I simply feel more clear, grounded, and energized whenever I use my Joovv. I want them all over my house and office!"
Randy E.
"I'm a few weeks into using the Joovv Max Combo every evening for 20-30 minutes. Mood improvement was the first thing noticed, Sleep Improvement, energy level up and lessened joint pain. I call it my personal Human Recharge Station. Thanks Joovv Light!!"
Chris J.
Helping with red, itchy scalp
"I've had my joov mini about 6 weeks and I've used it almost every day. I'm a 38 year old woman and my hair started falling out about 6 months ago. The shedding stopped about 3 months ago and I'm holding out hope it's tellogen effluvium from low iron and coming back. My ferritin has been optimal for about a month now and I'm seeing some regrowth. It's hard to say if the light has helped with regrowth at this point but I can report it's definitely helping with an itchy irritated scalp (sebasciois dermatitis) which started 5 months ago. I look forward to using my joov light every day and I also think it helps me fall asleep faster and sleep deeper."
Maggie M.
Top Notch!
"I am a biomedical engineer and pay a lot of attention to the quality of any product I buy especially if it is for health purpose. I am impressed by how well the Joovv lights are built. Also all the technical details and scientific studies that are published on the website are extremely important to me, and it is something that set Joovv apart from most product which never mention Science. I have had problems regulating my sleep this winter. I found exposure to the Joovv lamp made a significant difference in allowing me to relax and wind down. I use light therapy just before going to bed and I do believe it makes a difference in melatonin production. If your sleep issues derive from melatonin being out of whack, light therapy can really help. I also notice that when I use skin products such as copper peptides right before exposure, they penetrate more into the skin (the tingling feeling from the peptides is more intense than without the lamp). The muscle recovery benefits are also a major plus. I am super happy with my lamp!! "
Rossana M.
sturdy lights, pleasant to use
"Not sure if it helped me on skin or other things, but... it's very pleasant to sit a while in front of it, and 'see' the lights through your closed eyes (which get's yellowish/orange after a while, since your eyes adjust to the red color). It looks and feels like sitting in the sun :). The Joovv produces some noise (fans) but not very loud. The lights are very strong, so.. your whole room lights up :) . "
Jan P.
Relief from shoulder pain
"I am having real relief from torn shoulder muscles. Also, have noticed my skin on my face is smoothing out. My husband has found relief for his candida. We are a happy family :) "
Kathy B.
The Absolute Best Light Therapy Device in Existence
"Joovv produces the best photobiomodulation device out there because, very simply, their team cares- and they really gets the science behind the concept. These people are dedicated to delivering a life-changing, health-altering product, and are unwavering in their commitment to quality. I'm not being paid in any way for this review, and only go out of my way to give reviews to companies that truly deserve it. Joovv more than deserves it. I've experienced increased testosterone, anti-inflammatory benefits, general calmness, and quicker healing. Can't say enough good things."
Jordan K.
Well constructed, and relaxing
"It’s too early to know for sure all of the ways I’ll benefit from my Joovv Light, but at the very least it relaxes me. I have to say though, that the construction quality surprised me. It seems very solid and well-designed."
Jack J.
Science FTW!!!
"Within mere days, any number of issues I’d been dealing with for years began showing improvement. Skin issues, pain and stiffness issues, energy, cognition and mood issues, as well as exercise recovery issues- all began improving immediately. And they’re only getting better with time! I’m an amateur “biohacker” and Red Light Therapy is legit. It’s also a technology that’s been around a long time and it’s simple to use. Joovv light panels are properly made with the right wavelengths and quality, and are absolutely worth the investment. My mom has begun regular treatments and I’m seeing improvements for her, too."
Corrie V.
So glad went with the Max
"So glad we purchased the Max!! Overall we feel better... I had a severe cut on my finger that left my nerves severed and I have no doubt that the red light is healing my nerves quickly! I am way ahead of Drs schedule! We also have noticed our skin and joints feeling a glow again! Our dogs love it and they too are enjoying the therapy. Yes, it is an investment but so worth it!! "
Darlene W.