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2 Happy
"I'm 65 and my wife is 58. we have been using ours (original size) for about 6 weeks. We usually do 10 mins on the front and 10 mins on the back. For me, I was taking testosterone injections every 2 weeks, the injections have a few side effects and I don't like taking them. I noticed after just a few weeks that my libido seemed to be staying the same so I thought, what the heck, I'll see how long I can go without them. Usually I would consult my doctor but he doesn't want me on them anyway because it raises my PSA levels really high. I haven''t had a shot in 5 weeks. And my libido is better now than it's ever been. Going to get my PSA checked this Friday. I think it has even helped my wife's libido too even though she won't admit it. I noticed the thin skin that you start getting as you age has given way to thicker tighter skin I had when I was younger. My wife is starting to regret that we didn't get the biggest machine. She says we are definitely taking this with us when we go vacation. If can update this review I will when I get my new PSA results, "
Steve Elder
Seeing the light!
"Love my new Joovv. I tethered between the medium and large but went with the medium. The pulley is extremely easy to use. During the gloomy start to spring I. Chicago it was great for the mind and body to get RLT and feel it has increased my energy. It has only been @a month and look forward to seeing more benefits! "
Sherry P.
energy & confidence up
"been using daily for 20 minutes (10 front 10 back). energy, confidence, happiness are up; worrying down. good after exercise or in morning after waking. have to use ruler to ensure maintaining 6-8in distance "
ryan M.
Love the relaxation!
"I use this every night before I go to bed and it calms me and helps me recover from intense workouts. Love it!!"
Raelene R.
So far so good
"After using the lights daily for about one month, we have already noticed a greater sense of well being. FYI the unit was packed very securely, the best I've ever seen!!"
Michael K.
Groovy technology!
"I have used my Joovv mini everyday since I received it for one reason alone. To boost my production of testosterone. I begin each morning by shining the Joovv light on my testicles for 10 minutes. Since doing so I have experienced noticeable gains in muscular strength when I weight train at the gym as well as more spontaneous erections. This is an amazing technology that has helped me feel much younger than my chronological age.. "
Jose S.
Love the Joovv!
"Have sensitive skin and notice now much clearer. In addition, I just feel in a better mood and frame of mind."
Gregory D.
"I got this in an attempt to treat some major health problems. I believe this has helped a lot. Turns out, I have an endocrine disorder that has been pumping my system full of inflammation and stress hormones constantly for the last 30+ years. There are many symptoms, the major ones being insomnia and extreme ovarian cysts. I've realized that all of the uncomfortable, disruptive, inconvenient, extremely painful and semi-debilitating symptoms are expressions of inflammation, caused by a chemical malfunction. I got and started using this when I felt another cyst coming on (which was sccompanied/preceded by the usual extreme hair loss, uptick to extreme insomnia, and many other gnarly symptoms). I was really at a point where I didn't think my professional or personal life could handle going through the cycle again. I started using the light at least once a day, sometimes twice, generally for 12-15 minutes at close range, front and back. I'm doing a ton of other lifestyle things to try to get healthy and specifically fight inflammation, so I can't attribute everything to the joovv light. But, I can say this: Most times I stand facing the light, it makes me have to ****. It is stimulating my intestines, and I know that if it's getting to my intestines, it's getting to my ovaries. I have been using the light for about 2 months now (?), and I definitely felt that the cyst got better and almost went away. Again, I might not attribute this all to the light, but: there have been a couple of times in those 2 months that I didn't use it for 2-3 days at a time - and the ***** started hurting again. When I started using it again, the pain went away. One interesting thing is that my feet have gone down a half size or more; all of my shoes are too big. I'm a very lean person anyway, so this is not from fat loss; it's definitely inflammation-related. I can tell a difference in looking at the veins in my arms and the puffiness in my face that using the light helps my overall, systemic inflammation levels. I'm also, of course, prone to lots of general pain and tension in my body, and the light definitely helps dissipate that. I have some pretty major issues that are going to take a while to deal with. I'm thankful that there is so much information available now, and that there are tools like this to have in my arsenal. For me, this may truly be a life-saver - not that I believe I was on the brink of death, but because my livelihood and ability to support and take care of myself were on the brink of collapse, and I felt I was peering over a cliff into inevitable and steep decline, at age 42. Again: it's not my only tool, but I believe it's a significant one."
Ava F.
Love my Joovv Max
"This was a worthy investment for me. I bought the Max light as a trial, and I am not going to return it, despite what for me was a lot of money to spend. I'm definitely glad I got the Max and not a smaller size. I have been using it twice daily, about 12 minutes on each side of my body per session, and making sure I get my left foot. I have been suffering from a pretty severe case of plantar fasciitis for over year that left me in so much pain I could barely walk on that foot, and would sometimes even be lying awake at night in pain. Within a week of using the Joovv, the pain in my foot was significantly reduced to the point where I was no longer limping, no longer in pain during the night, and only noticing any pain occasionally. The foot is still injured and healing, but it is not so crippling any more, which is a huge relief. I also have found the light to be extremely helpful for my mood and mental clarity...feels like it is clearing away any debris that might have accumulated in my energy body. It is my sense that the light works on multiple levels, not all of which are physical. I have not yet noticed much difference in my skin looking better, which was also a hope (for wrinkles, scars, etc.), but this may take more time. The effects on mood, energy, and mental clarity, as well as foot pain, are plenty to keep me motivated to use my Joovv twice daily. "
Heather Y.
Max Health
"After 3 weeks of daily use, morning stiffness significantly reduced. Vision is improving. Retired manufacturing inspector, the Max Combo is a quality product, and I look forward to continued improvement in the quality of my life. "
Not what I thought...Much much more
"I have had my standard Joovv with mixed bulb types for about 4 weeks. I returned it...and got the Max! I love this thing. I bought mine primarily for; Increased Blood Flow to my tendons Pain reduction in my joints Increased testosterone Improved skin tone The limited pain I have left in my joints, form some injuries pretty much went away within days of using the light, that shocked me...not why I made the major upgrade...but still cool I feel like I have positive results in all of the categories I listed...still not while I bought it. I made the purchase, cause I will wake up feeling great stand in front of this light and realize 4-5 hours later I have felt better all morning and didn’t think there was another “gear”, I already felt great. I noticed I have energy, not like a caffeine kick, natural smooth energy. I just keep going and don’t get tired. In essence, I get more quality out of each day...time/energy/mood I didn’t know I was missing. That is why I am hooked. If I get any of the other results awesome."
Bryan C.
Love it!
"Made my skin much softer. Pours are getting smaller everyday. I love my light! "
Micayla W.
Love my mini
"Eased soreness in injured arthritic knee."
Sally W.
Excellent for Skin Inflammation
"The Joov mini combo has dramatically improved the eczema on my hands. Looking to upgrade to the Original or Max soon!"
Joseph D.
Absolutely Amazing
"My skin has improved texture and less acne. I have more energy and less muscle stiffness related to my physically demanding job. I love this therapy. "
Korinna D.
The best health tool I've tried!
"I've been using my Joovv™ Light consistently for over a month. My sleep has improved, my mood has improved and so has my skin texture, as well as the KP on the back of my arms!"
Arsy V.
Whole body health
"I am about a month into my Joovv use and have to say it has been amazing so far! It has significantly helped my thyroid and energy levels and just made me feel great in general! I do notice it helps muscle recovery after a hard workout as well as helping my skin tone and texture improve! My husband and I both enjoy our "joovving" times of the day and will continue it daily!"
Kyri L.
Extremely Happy
"I purchased the joovv light therapy a couple of weeks prior to scheduled surgery. I started using it right away and noticed a difference in my skin. Redness was much better and my skin seemed to be brighter. I also had some pain in my shoulder from sitting at an odd angle, but it was driving me crazy. The light really alleviated that problem. After my surgery I have been using the light 15 minutes a day directed at the surgical area and I think it has really helped me recover. Today I noticed that my pain is a lot less than it has been and it's just been 2 1/2 weeks since the surgery and the recovery time was estimated to be 4 to 6 weeks. I love this light and the calming effect it has had on me physically. I highly recommend this product."
Cathy M.
Get In the Groove with Joovv!
"Sorry – I couldn’t resist the title! In any case, I have had the Joovv Max Combo Light now for about 4 months. I love it! I had some previous experience with LLT for some tendonitis issues, and I had found it helpful; however, it was impractical to optimize the treatment with LLT by going every day to the provider who would administer it. My interest in photobiomodulation began as a result of that experience, and after discovering the Joovv company and their passion for providing medical grade and quality equipment, it made perfect sense to give it a try. I have not been disappointed. The light has been helpful in many ways: improved skin tone and elasticity, quicker healing from injuries to the skin (e.g., cuts, bruises), reduction of age spots, reduction of delayed onset muscle soreness after workouts, reduction in pain associated with previous joint and muscle injuries, improved mood (often associated with reduced light in the winter months), and improved sleep. There likely are many other benefits (e.g., mitochondrial health, vision, testosterone production, hair growth, reduced dementia risk). The founders of Joovv appear to be interested not only in the quality of their product but also in keeping up with the research and current thinking, so as the understanding and science of photobiomodulation evolves, I am sure the Joovv team will be on top of that as well with updates of the Joovv products over time. Many thanks to the Joovv team! "
Richard K.
Back spasms relieved.
"I have owned the Joovv Light for a month now. Due to recent travels I have not had the opportunity to use the light consistently enough to comment on long term effects. However, while traveling I developed back spasm. Once home I used the Joovv and after two ten minute sessions over two days with the light eight to ten inches away the spasms have been resolved. Looking forward to other health improvements in the future."
David H.
new to light therapy
"has dramatically improved the health of my gums. i was not expecting this but the results are impressive."
Jeff M.
The whole family uses it daily
"Me, my wife and 3 young boys use the light daily. It’s a great investment and we all feel the difference. "
Micah C.
"Light therapy is a very integral part of maintaining my health and vitality; and Joovv makes it so easy! We use our Joovv twice a day most days and can objectively tell a difference on the days we miss our sessions altogether. I have a very calm and energized feeling on the days I Joovv. We have also noticed recovering from workouts sooner with less soreness. We really do love our joovv! "
Scott D.
Love it
"I bought it mainly for my knee, I have terrible arthritis, and am not a good candidate for surgery. I've had the light for a month now, and there is noticeably less pain in my knee. Less pain means less exhaustion and more energy. I will keep using it, we'll see if I can ever give up using a cane!"
Barbara K.
Redlght Health
"My husband and I are using the light every other day. I noticed my skin is looking really good! My husband says his joints are feeling the best he has felt in awhile. I highly recommend the simple practice of standing in front of the Joovv Light. I hope more people try it for themselves."
Amy B.
Excellent light, just needs small mounting improvment
"The Joovv seemingly helps to confer a general sense of well-being, much like laying on a beach. The only thing I feel needs changing are the addition of mounting hardware on the power-switch end of the Joovv, such that the light may be suspended horizontally from the ceiling, such that the user may lay on something like a massage table. I found that standing in front of the light was a bit too tedious...but laying down (with my additional rigging) and basking, now that feels amazing!"
michael w.
1 month review
"I have used the max combo for about a month, although I try to use it every day.... I miss a few. I have battled with eczema for a couple years and the light seems to have helped it. I had it on my legs front and back, arms back and sides. I chose the max to cover as much body as I could in the shortest time. After a week or two I started to notice reduced redness and less itching. At this point it’s hardly noticeable and only a few mild dry spots. I haven’t used any prescription creams in this time period and only use a body lotion less and less each day. On a side note it helps bruises heal much quicker also. All and all I would I would recommend this to you I just have it sitting against the wall since I needed it to get to my feet. Tony"
Anthony P.
Worth it
"Improved testosterone, better skin, better energy"
Paul K.
Super Joovv
"There is noticeable improvement in my skin, and the infrared feels good in the winter time!"
Thomas C.
This thing is awesome
"I have more energy and should have gone one size larger. I use my mini combo every day since it arrived! It's also helping eyes I use way less eye drops now."
Paul R.