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Great Results
"Initially thought that Light Therapy was bunk. I can say that I have evidential proof that it is not. Tracking my sleep via an App for several months I have finally been able to achieve consistency high sleep quality results when ‘Joovving’ daily for 30min. I also have a young adult in the home who has seen remarkable positive changes in the acne he’s been struggling with for years with almost daily use in the 15-30min timeframe."
William D.
The Effects are Real!
"Been using the Joovv Quad for over a month now. Using it first thing in the morning. I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my morning workouts. I don’t think it’s my imagination. Seems like I have more energy."
Eric H.
Incredible Fitness gains
"I have had my Joov Max for a little over three weeks now. I use it everyday, usually 10-12 minutes on the front and back. I immediately noticed a sharp increase in energy, it felt like 10-15 years were shredded off me (I am 47). I am a runner, but I was out with an injury for a couple of weeks, so I didn’t run until two weeks after I started Jooving. Ususally, two weeks without running would mean that my first run would have to slow. But boy, what a difference! I ran faster than I think I have ever done, and I ran for miles without feeling any strain. It was the most amazing feeling! My mood is also excellent, and my mind is sharper, much sharper. I don’t get tired in the afternoon at all. In short, the Joovv has improved my life in unimaginable ways, and I am eternally grateful. I also must say that the customer service is absolutely top notch. I am so glad I chose this company!"
Turid W.
Great product!
"I never want to go a day without Joovvin’ again. That is how amazing the Joovv is."
Nicklas H.
Joovv light delivers!
"Been using my Joovv solo for a month now. Was hoping that it would give me a similar boost to sitting directly in the sun in summer, as winter doesn't offer any sun strength where I live. So far it feels awesome - I can feel the mitochondria in my brain light up within minutes. I do 10 minutes a day front and back from head to groin. Easy to set up on the back of a door - I just used some velcro to keep it from bouncing when door opens and closes. Thanks to the Joovv team for creating such an amazing PBM device!"
Derek O.
Great for skin!
"I purchased a Joovv solo and after using it consistently for several weeks there have been noticeable changes in my skin's quality. I also lift weights regularly and thought this product would help me build more muscle, but so far those effects have been subtle at best. However this may be because it's difficult to provide full-body coverage with just the Joovv solo. Bottom-line: Great investment if you want to improve your skin. If you want to build muscle then consider trying a device that provides full-body coverage with just a couple of sessions. "
John P.
Rehab from awful accident
"I fell several feet off of a ladder on Nov 16th. I had a crushed pelvis, broken tailbone and 6 or more fractures to the area. My left hip was destroyed to the extent that it had to be replaced (posterior approach because it was emergency surgery and the table for the anterior approach was not available.) I came home 4 days ago and immediately started the red light twice a day. I have gone from awful pain to not using strong pain meds (Tylenol, no hard drugs). My strength is improving to the point that I almost don't need the walker. I am 70 years old....they doubted me, LOL!"
Denise T.
So healing
"I bought a mini Joovv to support my healing after surgery. I experience warmth, relaxation, pain relief, and a general sense of well being when I use it (which is everyday)."
Nicole B.
Sleeping Better
"This thing is worth its weight in gold just in how much better I am sleeping. I am also seeing the benefits to my skin in the way of lightening of age spots on face and wrinkles are becoming less pronounced. Buy it, you will not regret it."
Elizabeth R.
Our Family loves to Joovv
"Our whole family loves the Joovv redlight, it’s part of our nightly routine. Our son has been using it to help with his eczema. I have visibly noticed that my skin under my eyes in much better ( my dark circles are no longer as prominent) skin is healthier ! I love using the Joovv first thing in the morning , it starts my day off right & puts me in a great mood. "
Tasha P.
"I love love love the Joovv! I also love that this company sends informational benefits from research they have found. My skin is noticeably better, my mood has lifted and I will continue to use this for life!!! Thank you Joov for giving us options for payment plans. What a great company and I plan to add to my Joovv!!!"
Kelly L.
A helpful product
"It boosts my energy and I am using it almost everyday"
Tang K.
Love it
"I have been using the Joovv for a few months and have already noticed an improvement in sleep quality. Looking forward to seeing improvements over the next few months. "
Rebecca W.
It Definitely Works
"This purchase was primarily for my Thyroid If I stopped taking my pills my scalp and skin would get really dry and itchy. After about a week of light therapy I stopped taking the pills. Wow! No more dry itchy scalp. My skin does not have that tired look anymore. To top that off more restful sleep. I am really, really happy I made this purchase!!!"
Evette P.
"I feel my injury get heal in few days since I use it , and my skin get improve and become smooth , it helps me easily to sleep , very amazing ."
Shih T.
subtle changes
"At first I noticed my face and cheeks felt hot. Then I noticed my skin has been way happier and my wrinkles are shrinking. I love taking this time and meditating in front of my joovv except my dog keeps trying to lay on me and get closer to the light! I noticed my hormones feel like they have gotten a jumpstart, I have been sleeping better and feel as though my digestion may be better. "
katie o.
Loving light therapy in Boston
"Great product and well made. Worth the price."
Matthew R.
"Only a month in and I use it every day just for the surge of energy..but there is more! The first noticeable result was an increase in my libido.(62 yr Female) My partner Denis was very sceptical but changed his mind. I bought the duo and put one at his house. He has a fatty cyst on the corner of his eye that has reduced by at least half and probably closer to 2/3rds. He is going to buy his own now. A friend has been using it after hernia surgery and her surgeon is amazed at how quickly she is healing. Her husband was leary so I invited him to try it... They are also planning to purchase one... Need I say more?"
Joni G.
Very Satisfied ❤️
"We have enjoyed it so far and believe it is helping us .Some of our fine wrinkles seem to be fading. We are impressed with the company’s interest in customer satisfaction."
peggy W.
So happy with my purchase!
"My whole family uses and loves it!"
susan s.
So good
"I am pregnant, and so far the Joovv has really helped my pregnancy. I went from waking up several times a night to waking up one time. I went from going to a chiropractor twice a week with not much relief, to going once since I bought this product."
Bethany B.
So obsessed with the Joovv!
"We love the Joovv! It makes me feel better overall and has really improved my husbands psoriasis. He also has arthritis in his hip and he says it feels better also and for him to give it a thumbs up says a lot! We have the solo and hope to add on to ours in the future."
Tracey H.
Life Changing
"my joovv mini works for so many things. Recovery from workouts , deep sleeps and glowing skin. Well worth the small investment "
Sean M.
Love it!
"I sleep better and I’ve been able to notice and benefit from increased testosterone. Very happy with my Joovv. Thanks, Brian"
Brian S.
What a difference!
"-sun spots fading - hair stopped sheadibg! -increased energy! I first bought medium then full body because it makes such a difference."
Jana B.
I love my Joovv!
"I use my Joovv twice a day. My skin looks better, I feel more calm and relaxed and I have more energy throughout the day. Totally satisfied!"
Silvia J.
Family Biohacked!
"We are absolutely in LOVE with our Joovv! My daughter suffers from bad eczema and we have noticed a significant improvement. My husband and I are sleeping like babies at night. I no longer have to see an acupuncturist or massage therapist due to the red light therapy improving my back and neck pain. Our dog loves the Joovv as well. We noticed he’s not itching as much and his allergies are much better. We are true believers in the Joovv! Thank you for improving our health! "
Corinne C.
feeling refreshed
"I love it. I use it 20 min 5-6 days a week. I just feel so refreshed after using it. Also my hands don't go numb in bed anymore. My mom has noticed a difference in her hips and she only uses it 4 days a week 20 min. Its helped my dad with his Rheumatoid arthritis . Everyone could benefit from this awesome device. "
Kate S.
last years full body red/infrared
"I was having autoimmune issues, rosacea, and arthritis. These things have been improving. I use it every morning for about 15 minutes and feel it helps with energy."
diana h.
"I purchased Joovv after reading the literature on mitochondrial support, and photobiomodulation. I'm happy to report increased cardiovascular endurance. I was somewhat skeptical but thought I'd return Joovv if I didn't see any results. To my surprise not only has my energy level increased but my skin also looks better with a more even tone and smaller pore size. I've been very pleased with Joovv. Mary Beth"
Mary B.