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Very happy
"I have seen a noticeable difference in my skin - I don't have old lady hands anymore and my forehead appears to be smoother as well. I'm convinced this therapy works! "
Jean D.
Love this my Joovv!
"I’ve been using a small hand held red/infrared tool for my face for years. This was a bit of a splurge but I knew it made a difference and felt it would have huge benefits for full body use. The real trick, if I had to share one thing, is to be consistent with its use. It takes a little time and often I split the time up during the day. I’m a yoga teacher and I work in skin rejuvenation at a doctors office. I’ve seen and felt huge benifits for my Joovv!!!"
Maria A.
Just as good as the reviews
"Light therapy every day for the last month, 10 minutes on the front in 10 minutes on the back. I have noticeable improvement in recovery and I am also noticing improved skin."
Carrie W.
Love it!
"I have seen improved skin tone and texture since using light therapy. Easy and convenient to have at home. "
Sue M.
My Skin Is Amazing!
"This has been the best investment I have bought in a long time. I have been using this for one month and my skin is looking younger and healthy and it’s actually glowing. I had a woman at the grocery store tell me my skin looked so good! Let’s just say I’m pushing 60 years old and that hasn’t happened in a while. I use it religiously every morning front and back for a total of 20 minutes. It gives me a little more energy and it helps with sun spots and blemishes. I hope with more use that other great things happen. I have the combo light and it’s working out great. They have the best customer service and personal touch you get with buying the light. I LOVE MY JOOVV! "
Pamela O.
Life Enhancement
"Light therapy has given me so much more energy! I feel 10 years younger, and look 10 years younger! It has increased my arm muscles, stomach muscles, and leg muscles so much: even without doing more exercise. It is so worth getting I am excited to see more results as I do it longer!"
Seth B.
"This product really works. Not only has it tightened, toned, and cleared up my skin, I find that it gives me energy, and a sense of well being. It has also increased my testosterone. I won’t be without it. I try a lot lot of fitness/wellness products, and this is one that I can say for certain really works. Stick with it! Thank you Joovv!"
Matt B.
"The major thing I have noticed is how much deeper I sleep if I do it before I go to bed. Also, I seem to lose weight a little faster than I did. My husband swears it has helped the inflammation in his neck and knees, so far we love it!"
Kim E.
Pure Energy
"Improved energy levels, sleep better, feel better and clearer skin."
Todd W.
Skin and Muscles Improving.
"Both my wife Michelle and I have noticed positive changes with our skin on our faces and arms. In addition, my wife is thrilled that since using the Joovv, her wrists, which had been troubling her prior, no longer bother her. As for me, old sensitive sun damaged areas on my temples, which dermatologists have treated with liquid nitrogen to no avail, have lost the sensitivity and seem to be healing. And, my hands, which have had issues with 'trigger fingers' that led to surgery on two digits, with yet another digit triggering, has subsided. Both my wife and I are convinced that our decision to purchase the Joovv is one of our best decisions yet. We are both extremely grateful for all of you at Joovv for making this amazing product available to us and we look forward to the continual health benefits realized by using it. Thank You! "
Joe K.
Great Product!
"The Joovv Light has helped my energy and mood! My pores are smaller. Also, starting to help with my pain & inflammation. Great Product and customer service! Linda G"
Linda G.
Many benefits already
"Many benefits already after eight weeks: Improved skin, a long time muscle pain in hip/groin area is now gone, faster recovery and improved sleep quality. I trust there will be even more benefits in the future. "
Tomi R.
Soothing, warm, invigorating.....
"My skin feels smoother. I sleep better at night. Joovv has reset my circadian rhythm. I like knowing that my thyroid is benefiting from the red light. Standing in front of my Joovv Max is a great time to do breathing exercises for meditative purposes. I also do stretching exercises. Everyday I look forward to using my Joovv. The Chat service is excellent. Joovv has answered all my questions.."
Patricia H.
"I had it for a couple months now and I enjoy everything about it I use it once a night for 15 min great investment "
Ramon S.
Has stopped my sons eczema itch!!
"My 4 yr old son has eczema and he is constantly telling me his fingers and toes “tickle” and that’s why he bites his fingers and scratches his toes. Since receiving our Joovv 50/50 mix, we have been spending 5 minutes every day front and back. Within about a week he is no longer itching and it’s such a relief to see him get a chance to be comfortable for once. He also has had some patches on the back of his knees start to show signs of clearing up a little. This is just the first month. Hopefully with continued use we will get even better results. Extremely thankful for this device."
Adam B.
Exceed Expectations
"I purchased the Joovv light for recovery from exercise. It has increased my flexibility and ease of movement. From a disability I had stiffness in walking. I also had operations. I don't know if it's the mitochondria improvement or the release of scar tissue. I only know, I'm improving more each day. Every home should have a Joovv light."
Carole N.
Perfect way to kick off the day
"Start my day off with 20 mins of the COMBO MAX and can feel the effects of more mental clarity and energy. It really wakes up my mind and body and I feel rejuvenated for the day."
Apostolos L.
Helps with pain and inflammation, and other things
"Been using the Joovv Combo (ORIGINAL) for over a month. I use it at least 10 minutes, once or twice a day. The quality is great -- it's durable. It works well. The main benefit I've received is reduced pain and inflammation. For example I had swelling and inflammation around one knee for the past several years. I also got periodic pain and inflammation in my jaw and neck. In all these areas, the inflammation was greatly reduced within a few weeks of using Joovv Combo daily. I feel back to normal and pretty much 100% relieved of inflammation in these areas after just 4 weeks of daily treatment. Other benefits I've gotten include: reduced soreness the day after my gym workouts; increased energy and strength when I use it before my workouts; more calm; better mood; better able to concentrate. Last year I tried weekly acupuncture treatments for pain and inflammation in the areas I mention above. Acupuncture did not help much. This light is far more effective than acupuncture in my experience -- and you don't have to leave your home to do it. I highly recommend this."
I loovv my Joovv light!
"Almost immediately, my husband and I noticed our sleep quality improving! We fall asleep easily now and better yet; stay asleep! I’ve noticed the sun damage (age spots) on the backs of my hands fading away. I wish I’d taken a “before” picture! We’ve only had the Joovv for about a month. Can’t wait to see what the Joovv will do in the future!"
Ranell L.
Joovv Quickly Went From "Nice To Have" to "Must Have" For My Entire Family
"Purchased for my wife (yeah..right) and both of us have been using it several times a day for +2 months. Both have experienced a noticeable better nights sleep, specifically, sleeping through the night vs waking up at 2am/3am every night. Most impressive benefit was after taking 4 months off from running, I did a 5mile trail run and used the light directly on my legs afterwards. Woke up the next day with the legs feeling a bit tired but not sore or stiff at all!!! As a result, my entire family, including my kids, use the light after every athletic event from soccer games to trail runs. Only regret is buying the Original size which requires holding several sessions in order to cover all key body areas (upper front, upper back, upper left, upper right, lower rear, lower front, lower left, and lower right). Wish I had purchased the Max size which I stayed away from due to price but after using the original size, the time savings would have been worth the increased price. Great investment."
James Suller
Love the Joovy light!
"My son has excema, as do I, and I saw him cure his very purulent, itchy patch on his 2 sessions of the light! "
Anne D.
Early days, but it's making a difference
"My son and I both have eczema, and the Joovv has definitely helped with healing that. I also purchased a Joovv for a family member with osteoarthritis. She reports that recently, she had long drives three long days in a row. Each time, she was extremely sore, and each time, using the Joovv helped her get up and go the next day with no pain! She is thrilled, and so am I. Thank you very much for a great product."
Cher U.
Deep sleep!
"Love the increase in deep sleep and how rested I feel in the morning!"
Tabb F.
Love the Joovv
"Helped heal massive incisions/scars from major surgery in February. Also, generally helped skin tone and skin health. Believe pain in arm and abdomen was reduced with daily does of Joovv. The few minutes of quiet solitude in front of Joovv is a major stress reliever. All can benefit from Joovv light! "
Robin G.
Love it!
"I’ve had the joovv light for a month now. I have been using it as recommended, 10 minutes a day. I am so happy with the results so far! I purchased this to Smooth out the wrinkles around my belly button after giving birth 18 months ago. Slowly the wrinkles are fading away, along with exercise. I’m very happy with my purchase and results! "
Maha C.
Works great
"I was hoping to improve skin tone and appearance. I think it’s working, but it takes time. It’s amazing for bruises, however. Had a large painful bruise on my thigh when I started. Pain disappeared after 1-2 daily treatments. Bruise itself faded rapidly and was virtually invisible after 5 days. At my age (69) big bruises normally take 2 weeks or more to clear. Also, daily treatments have greatly reduced lower back pain which has been chronic for 20 years. Pretty amazing. "
Stefan K.
Love it
"I have used the light therapy on my patients and on myself. I feel so much better after using it and my patients live it as well"
Sandra S.
Secret strength weapon
"Noticeable difference in muscles recovery after lifting sessions....both in severity and recovery tim. SO HAPPY with our purchase"
Sam K.
Obsessed with my JOOVV!
"I'm an Esthetician and Natural Health Coach and have been using light therapy for years so I know light therapy works. Unfortunately, most devices are small or take a long treatment time. When I learned about the Joovv body panel I knew it was something I needed to add to my daily biohack routine as well as my menu of services. The Joovv delivers all the benefits it claims and it is just incredible...improved skin health, decreased joint pain, improved energy and overall well being are what I have experienced in the 3 weeks since incorporating it into my daily routine. I'm obsessed and look forward to getting up in the morning to use my Joovv!"
Janet W.
Seeing improvement in psoriasis
"I’ve been using the Joovv max combo light for a few months now, and I’m delighted to say I’m seeing remarkable improvement in my psoriasis. "
Janice H.