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Two months review - Love my JOOVV
"I have waited to post a review of my JOOVV Original until I have used it for a full two months. I use it every day for 10 minutes each side, I may have only missed a day or two. I have definitely noticed some serious changes. First, my lower back pain is gone, I had to see a chiropractor weekly for the last 4 years and all of a sudden started noticing that I forget to schedule my appointment. It has been 1 month since I saw my chiropractor. I am completely pain-free. We're at a party standing chatting with a friend for over an hour, in high hills, and my back did not hurt at all. In the past prolonged walking or standing would force me into a chair with pain. Another effect I have noticed is my skin. Friends comment on how good it looks and ask me what products I am using. It is definitely more plump, healthier younger looking. I am not waiting to see if it has any effect on my monthly cycle. Love my JOOVV!"
Elena S.
"JOOVV has become a part of my daily health, and biohacking. Also incorporated by my wife, and employees in our office. The red light therapy is having profound, positive impacts on all of us. I use it for muscle recovery, better sleep pattern, and stimulating mental cognition. My wife for the same as well as health skin glow. We love the results so much we added the joovv’s into our office for optimal light input to inspire our team. Bringing one to family in Russia next! Highly recommend!! "
David S.
Every home should have this
"My skin looks amazing and my inflamation is noticable improved"
Dana B.
Tremendous Help
"Since using Joovv my energy levels have increased and I notice a better ability to focus. Also, my back pain has been reduced lots and is almost gone. I recommend Joovv to any and everyone. I can’t wait to see what other good effects will happen by the 1 year mark."
Bryson R.
"My facial skin is plumper, after work out recovery is amazing and tightness in neck and back better!"
connie k.
Light meditation
"At first I thought standing for 20 minutes would be too much time out of my day but I find it very relaxing and even integrate a meditation session. I do this in the evening and it helps me sleep. A great tool for recharging your batteries at the end of a long day."
Jason K.
It really Works
"I work in manufacturing and I have really labor intensive job, So I always feel a bit rundown after a hard day of work! After consistently using the Joovv Light for the last 2 months I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my energy levels. I’m so much more productive at home now.. Not to mention all the little aches and pains i come home with from work, are usually gone with in a few treatments.. I’m sure it’s helping me in ways that I’m not even aware of ! I started a Ketogenic diet two weeks ago and I’ve already lost 10 pounds .. So I love the Joovv Light!"
Anthony V.
Amazing for Sleep and healing injuries
"I have been using my Joovv daily in the morning and at night. I have noticed more mental clarity during the day and much better sleep at night. It also helped me heal an injury I had in my neck in no time. Joovv is such an amazing company and there products really do work!"
Adam L.
Joovv Rating
"I feel more energetic after my morning session of 10 minutes!"
Aaron L.
Purchased for thyroid health
"I purchased my Joovv 6 months ago for my thyroid health and waited this long to do a review to see what my blood test results would reveal. I’ve been on thyroid medication since I was 10 years old (I’m 53). Since purchasing Joovv I have been getting blood work done to see how my TSH levels are, and have had to reduce my medication. I think Joovv is helping my thyroid to function better. I have also noticed that my joint and muscle pain is greatly lessened, my energy levels are higher and the pores on my face have gotten smaller. "
Phoebe S.
Could not live without the Joovv now
"I have been working out particularly hard for a couple of months both morning and night typically by now my body would have crashed, but no, not at all. It has been rather spectacular. I have been accused of using Botox, but no it is Joovv Tox. So I have laughed at that. I feel better, have more energy and seem to have a "lighter mood" in the world. I bought the Max Combo. Absolutely love it!"
Sarah B.
Fabulous for Lyme
"I have Lyme disease with many severe symptoms. I've had the Joovv for a month now and it has given me significant relief of pain and fatigue. I noticed that using it regularly has a cumulative effect too, which is awesome. I believe this kind of light therapy will become very important and increasingly prominent in treating many health concerns in the future. We all live under too much unnatural artificial light and this therapy restores some of the damage of our modern lifestyle. So awesome how it activates our body's cells and makes us feel and "be" better physically and mentally both. Way to go Joovv people for coming up with such an amazingly healthful answer to so many concerns!!!"
Carolee J.
wonderful design, powerful light
"It has helped my skin complexion become more even and it has helped my scars become less noticeable."
Stephanie W.
The best purchase for my health
"I cannot say enough about my Joovv! Anywhere from improved sleep to improved mood and everything else in between! After my first use I had improved sleep. Within a couple days my mood improved. My muscle recovery after workouts is amazing. My soreness after a workout has shrunk to about a day as opposed to two. My digestion has improved as well. My kids love it too. I have an elderly dog who lays in front of it when he wants to use it. He has started jumping on the sofa again which he hasn't done in months. It also seems to help my carpal tunnel in my arm. This thing has literally changed my life! I definitely recommend the purchase to anyone thinking about it."
Michael P.
"The red light has helped my body detox, have more energy and sleep better! I’m also seeing improvements in my skin"
Julie P.
Better Sleep & Fabulous Skin
"My husband's sleep has improved as a result of the JOOVV, my dog has a little more spring in her 11 year old (replaced knee) step, and my aesthetician said my skin looked the best it ever has. Thank you JOOVV!"
Kelci h.
Restored hope
"I waited to write this review until I had used my joovv (Max/combo) for 2 months. I have been diagnosed with myalgic encaphamyelitis (ME) or chronic fatigue syndrome as known in other parts of the world, fibromyalgia as well as dealing with a complex hypothyroid condition. At the time the joovv arrived, my skin was in pretty poor condition, I had rosacea that had been around for over a year. Within 2 weeks of using the joovv daily for 10mins (5 mins front and back), my rosacea had cleared up by 90%. It has now disappeared. My fibromyalgia symptoms have reduced by approx 80% and I am no longer waking up in the night due to pain. These are the 2 biggest changes to date since I started using my joovv. Honestly it has given me hope at a time where I had been losing hope completely for any recovery in my life. There are slight positive changes on the energy front but it is too soon to really measure. I think it will take more time to see if there is improvement on the ME/CFS and thyroid front. But I am cautiously optimistic. The other amazing benefit of the joovv is how it immediately improves my mood, even at very low points. It literally and figuratively has brightened up my life. Thank you so much for making this this machine!"
Healthier Skin
"My skin is noticeably smoother to the touch."
Renee M.
I am addicted to my red light
"I just down right feel better. I have an autoimmune disease and it has made me feel less down and less tired. I also have not had any herpes outbreaks since I started the red light therapy 4 months ago. I do triceps and biceps curls while I red light so I get that benefit too!"
Amy G.
Best health equipment purchase
"Joovv has really helped my constant shoulder and neck pain go away. My shoulder injuries have been around for years with PT and medications not really helping. After one month the improvement in pain and movement is great thanks to Joovv."
Christopher G.
Well worth the money!
"The Joovv has made a drastic difference in improving my skin, inflammation, and testosterone levels! I was a bit skeptical at first, but I can see the physical difference in my skin after using it daily for a few weeks. It has reversed wrinkles and fine lines that were developing on my face, and has completely eliminated tiny annoying pimples that would frequently develop on my chest. Using it on the nether region (if you are a man) definitely has given me a boost in testosterone levels as well. The Joovv has become an essential part of my daily routine and I don't intend on changing that!"
Jeremiah O.
"I have been searching for red light therapy to use at home- and this is perfect!! I originally bought it to fight re-occuring dermatitis on my face- and so far it has helped prevent another breakout. As a chiropractor, I also use it regularly to reduce inflammation in my wrists. It is an investment, and it is definitely worth it!"
Jennifer L.
"In the short time I have been using the Joovv light people have commented on my skin and that I look younger I’ve noticed some sun spots are a lot lighter now too "
Gillian B.
Warrior Wellness
"We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that supports our nation's wounded, ill and injured service members, veterans and their families with rehabilitation services. We are extremely grateful for the support from Joovv. Our Joovv Max is a key tool in promoting the healing, recovery, and resiliency of those we serve. The quality and attention to detail is second to none. "
Warrior Wellness Solutions
"When I first started using Joovv I must have been detoxing because I broke out with major skin issues on my face- acne and rosacea. Fortunately within a couple weeks my skin went back to normal. The biggest advantage I noticed right away was a major increase in energy and decreased recovery time after the gym. I use the Joovv max everyday for twenty minutes for the last two months. The quality of my life has greatly improved. It also feels like my sluggish thyroid is getting back to normal as well. I wouldn’t go without my Joovv for anything!"
Amit S.
Great product! Great service!
"I use my Joovv every morning and it literally helps me get out of bed as by body anticipates the warm energy - just feels good! My skin has never been so healthy and it soothes my sore wrists and knees. Love it! "
Michael R.
So Happy
"I use to go to a red light therapy center where they use tanning beds with bulbs that put out 633nm. Went there for about 3 months when I decided that the commute was taking away my me time. Dr. Mercola had mentioned the joovv machine in one of his videos (I believe it was the MMT videos). I did some research and decided that this was the machine I wanted. The ordering process was simple and joovv as a company has been really supportive throughout the process. My joovv mini machine arrived really quickly and on schedule. Instead of mounting it on a door or wall I bought a bedside table that has wheels and strapped it to the underneath side of the table. So when I am ready to use it I just roll the table over the bed, adjust the table height if needed, lay on the bed and move the joovv over the part of my body I want and turn it on. I set the timer that comes with the joovv and then I just relax, nap even. Now on to the benefits. I do not have any diseases that I am away off but I am allergic to processed sugar. When I eat it I break out in hives/rash/acne and my skin will get flushed due to inflammation. With the regular use of the joovv I have noticed less visible symptoms! I have also noticed an almost instant relief in joints inflammation, say after a few days of playing Pickleball my knee might start aching. I will put my knee under the joovv and by the end of my 10 minutes I feel relief. I have also noticed a difference in my skin complexion. My age spots have lightened a lot and I notice that my skin doesn’t sag as much. I definitely look younger. I have also noticed an increase in energy and an easier time waking up in the morning. Aloha & Mahalo joovv!"
Tasha N.
Hashimotos Help
"I have Hashimotos and have been using the light for a month and notice significant improvements in my joint pain as well as the pain and size of cysts in my body. Breast fibroids have decreased in size and I believe a nodule on my thyroid has also decreased in size. I have an ultrasound scheduled for my thyroid and it will be interesting to compare the size of the nodule compared to a year previous. Typically, I have significant *** cramps prior to my period and cramps were minimal and my cycle was 4 days and is typically 6. I have also noticed increased energy in the evening. My observant middle daughter commented that I look “JOOVVIER” - I asked her what that meant and she told me that my skin looks nice and I have less wrinkles on my face. I think her comment was very accurate! I wish I would’ve started light therapy years ago. "
Carmen B.
Lovin' the joovv
"I was hesitant to do the Joovv before bed thinking it might affect my sleep... but I really wanted to get into a routine of twice a day. So... I braved light before bed. I was SO surprised when I woke up the next morning. I truly had the best sleep ever... and subsequently on any joovv treatment close to bedtime. Also, 3 weeks in to using the joovv, I had a hair appointment. My hair stylist asked, "what are you doing differently... you have a lot of new hair growth". I realized the only different variable added was the joovv. My partner and I also noticed a difference in our body physique and metabolism - much more toned without any change in healthy diet. Mitochondrial support - 100%. I'm a big fan of joovv. "
Tara C.
Reduces redness, uplifts mood
"When I started with the Joovv light, I used it twice a day for 10 minutes each session. I had a nickle size cyst on my face, just under the skin. In 3 days it was reduced to the size of a pencil eraser. In 3 weeks is was the size of a pin head. Very happy with this result. Also, my mood improved. After 10 miniutes under the light, I would feel relaxed and loose, like I had an all over body massage. But even better than that, I got my skeptical boyfriend to try it out, and his mood also improved. Now we have to schedule Joovv light time, just like shower time. Its part of our daily routine. "
Andrea P.