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Love love love the joovv
"Since being lucky enough to receive a joovv earlier this year it has become an integral of my daily routine. Skin health, reducing back pain and post work out to reduce that delayed soreness!! Love love love it. Thank you X"
Paul S.
Best Purchase of my life
"I've had sciatica and stiff back issues going on 2 yrs and heard about Joov light therapy through my sister in law and how it's been helping her with muscle recovery and help reduce her inflation. I was skeptical but took a leap of faith and purchase a mini Joov light. Ever since then, I've notice a increase in flexibility with my lower back as well as muscle recovery. Saving up to purchase larger models of the light."
Hien D.
Surprisingly Effective!!!
"Not that I doubted the advertisements of the amazing health benefits from PBM, but I did research on Pubmed and Ben Greenfield’s website before purchasing my first light. So I was expecting to have positive results, however I was blown away with how quickly they came. My wife and I are enjoying fewer wrinkles. We used it on our knees with fast acting pain reduction results. I’m also hoping to see a change with vitiligo on my face. (Stay tuned). The instant mood adjustment was profound, coming from a cloudy Ohio. We are big fans and are hooked! Grateful Brad C "
Brad C.
No pain
"I love it, I bought a solo. my right swimmer' s shoulder pain is decreased by 95%. My old surgery scared is diminished. My skin tone is yellow so any scars doesn't go away for a long time especially 53 years old body. I used 10 min am, 10 min pm everyday. Overall my body likes it.I am planning to expand Joovv to elite."
chil h.
Amazing Product
"Rejuvinated skin and increased mobility!"
michelle W.
Joovv is brilliant
"This product is a great tool to add for anyone looking to improve mitochondrial health. I have noticed improvements specifically with sleep and energy, and it combines really well with cold therapy"
Louis E.
We love it!
"We have been using it now for over a month and haven’t missed a day. My wife and I use it as well as one of our daughters uses it occasionally for eczema. In the future we will expand to another unit. "
Jerod M.
5 Star Therapy Device
"As an Exercise Physiologist I have a number of tools to help with the corrective exercise I prescribe. The Joovv has gone to the top of my list of helpful tools. I put one of my clients on my Joovv for 10 mins after her exercise rehab session 3x per week. She had a stubborn swollen wrist which was hard to weight bear on. It took only 6 sessions before the swelling was down and she could weight bear normally on it again. Thanks for designing such a quality device! Brendan Roach M.Sc, B.Ph.Ed, CHEK II, ISAK III, Exercise Physiologist, BodyLab Ltd, New Zealand"
Brendan R.
Love the Joovv Mini
"I’ve found the red light therapy to be really helpful for muscle soreness. I love the Joovv Mini for beck, face and eyes in particular but will save up for the bigger ones to use on legs and back."
"Everything about it is awesome."
Otis W.
"I look forward to getting in front of my Joovv every day. I feel good while I bask, I notice a better physical comfort building up. My facial complexion is noticeably improving. This is very much part of my daily routine. Great product."
Ian R.
Miracle light
"I have been using joovv for over a month and absolutely love the results! It is like a spa, a massage and summer holiday all wrapped in one! Relaxing, recharging and rejuvenating. I feel stronger, well rested and my skin is firmer than before! 🙌🏻😍"
Monica H.
Love my Joovv Mini
"So happy with my Joovv. Just got my latest blood results back and my CRP levels have fallen. Joovv is doing it's job by reducing systemic inflammation in my body. Since using Joovv, I sleep much better, my skin has improved, and I just feel an overall wellness I have not felt for years."
Carla G.
Love my Joov
"Love the product. Highly recommend. Great for overall health both physically and psychologically. I use 20 minutes every day (front and back 10min/per). Also very helpful for strengthening lower back muscle issues I have had for years. "
Matt D.
Optimum way to wake up everyday now the winter is coming!
"I wake up early for work most days when at present the mornings are very dark here in Europe. If I don't get my 10 minutes of Joovv light before leaving the house my day takes a lot longer to get going and my energy fades quicker! I have the new mini and also the solo and they have become a mainstay of my morning routine. Highly recommended!"
Richard C.
Aches be gone!
"This is a great all-around product + particularly helpful for recovery from strenuous exercise + at least minor injuries. Soreness can disappear in 1 or 2 sessions. I have the Original Standard size + mini (both red/NIR), as well as the new mini w/ the stand. I'm really hoping a can grow my set-up. To hit almost everything at once would be GREAT! Thx JOOVV, keep up the great work!"
cat. h.
Love it
"Definitely improving my varicose vein"
Kathleen G.
The true fountain of youth
"This is by far the most effective device/treatment I've ever utilized. The Joovv is worth every penny. I've had expensive professional treatments done (micro needling, fractional laser, IPL, etc) and nothing compares to the results I've achieved using this device. I purchased the combination panel. Not only does it combat noticeable aging of the skin, but it has even helped with the chronic headaches I've had for years. The Joovv does everything it claims (and more). Do not hesitate to buy it! "
Emily S.
"Love love love it!!"
Ryan B.
Magic lights
"I can’t believe how much of a benefit I am getting- I look forward to it as often as I can. Helping with joint pain-recovery from workouts and overall energy."
John F.
"Absolutely love my mini joovv. My skin appears tighter and more clear…bright. My friends has noticed and want to know my secret. Besides using it everyday on my face, neck and decollate, I also use it on my lower back to help with morning stiffness. "
sandy c.
My favorite possession.
"Nothing this world makes me feel better and happier than using my Joovv . It is extremely efficacious for increase testosterone and getting harder erections. Shine that light on your balls! I also heal faster and have better muscle endurance than ever before and my skin health is at an all time high!! Love this perfectly crafted light masterpiece that is extremely easy to set up"
Dylan M.
Joovv. The light Brigade
"Red light has increased my health immensely, keep on with your enthusiasm to continue with this state of the art approach to health!"
Jacqueline M.
Love the Joovv!
"Joovv delivered everything they promised, and it's become a favorite tool for biohacking to improved health. Skin looks and feels better, eyesight seems to have improved, quicker muscle recovery. Very satisfied!"
Christopher M.
My skin and my mind are both better off
"I am about 30 days in and have only focused on my face and neck once per day, to improve my skin. I'm 52 years old. I do see slight improvement and feel if I did this twice daily it would be great improvement. I meditate while sitting in front of infrared light and it's lovely for my mind, as well."
Joy B.
Great for muscle recovery.
"I use my full body sized Joovv setup for muscle recovery, mainly. I do pretty hard cardio 5-7 days a week and sometimes my muscles just get tight. Ten minutes front and another ten for my back and everything seems so much better (almost instantly). The Joovv is also very helpful with heart rate variability. "
mark l.
"Light therapy has given me fantastic results for the skin and general health. Love my Joovv!"
Anthony H.
Recovery and Performance
"Our clients have been using the Joovv at our CrossFit gym, daily for 10 minutes each time, for the past several weeks. In general they have noticed improvements in their performance, recovery from workouts, and quality of sleep. We look forward to experiencing even more benefits in the future:)"
Richard S.
Great product
"Easy to assemble and use."
Brian R.
Great quality device, great therapy
"When I first opened the box my first thought was about how well the device looked, how well it seemed to be constructed, and how easy the setup was. I also want to mention that the customer service is excellent, I reached out to the team a few times and their response was prompt and very helpful, I don’t get that too often so that really means a lot to me. My wife and I both use the device and one thing she’s told me is how her eyebrows are growing fuller, and eyelashes growing longer, she’s struggled with both in the past and this is great for her. She also has lower back pain that she’s getting relief from, comments about how fast she falls asleep when using it beforehand. I myself also experience some lower back pain from an injury I sustained back in 2011, I have relief from that, I also fall asleep faster when I use it before bedtime. Lastly both my wife and I a looking to start seeing results with skin and hair, but I think it’s too soon to see any real results. Overall we are really pleased with our device and I will continue to find other uses for it. "
Jorge H.