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Magic lights
"I can’t believe how much of a benefit I am getting- I look forward to it as often as I can. Helping with joint pain-recovery from workouts and overall energy."
John F.
"Absolutely love my mini joovv. My skin appears tighter and more clear…bright. My friends has noticed and want to know my secret. Besides using it everyday on my face, neck and decollate, I also use it on my lower back to help with morning stiffness. "
sandy c.
My favorite possession.
"Nothing this world makes me feel better and happier than using my Joovv . It is extremely efficacious for increase testosterone and getting harder erections. Shine that light on your balls! I also heal faster and have better muscle endurance than ever before and my skin health is at an all time high!! Love this perfectly crafted light masterpiece that is extremely easy to set up"
Dylan M.
Joovv. The light Brigade
"Red light has increased my health immensely, keep on with your enthusiasm to continue with this state of the art approach to health!"
Jacqueline M.
Love the Joovv!
"Joovv delivered everything they promised, and it's become a favorite tool for biohacking to improved health. Skin looks and feels better, eyesight seems to have improved, quicker muscle recovery. Very satisfied!"
Christopher M.
My skin and my mind are both better off
"I am about 30 days in and have only focused on my face and neck once per day, to improve my skin. I'm 52 years old. I do see slight improvement and feel if I did this twice daily it would be great improvement. I meditate while sitting in front of infrared light and it's lovely for my mind, as well."
Joy B.
Great for muscle recovery.
"I use my full body sized Joovv setup for muscle recovery, mainly. I do pretty hard cardio 5-7 days a week and sometimes my muscles just get tight. Ten minutes front and another ten for my back and everything seems so much better (almost instantly). The Joovv is also very helpful with heart rate variability. "
mark l.
"Light therapy has given me fantastic results for the skin and general health. Love my Joovv!"
Anthony H.
Recovery and Performance
"Our clients have been using the Joovv at our CrossFit gym, daily for 10 minutes each time, for the past several weeks. In general they have noticed improvements in their performance, recovery from workouts, and quality of sleep. We look forward to experiencing even more benefits in the future:)"
Richard S.
Great product
"Easy to assemble and use."
Brian R.
Great quality device, great therapy
"When I first opened the box my first thought was about how well the device looked, how well it seemed to be constructed, and how easy the setup was. I also want to mention that the customer service is excellent, I reached out to the team a few times and their response was prompt and very helpful, I don’t get that too often so that really means a lot to me. My wife and I both use the device and one thing she’s told me is how her eyebrows are growing fuller, and eyelashes growing longer, she’s struggled with both in the past and this is great for her. She also has lower back pain that she’s getting relief from, comments about how fast she falls asleep when using it beforehand. I myself also experience some lower back pain from an injury I sustained back in 2011, I have relief from that, I also fall asleep faster when I use it before bedtime. Lastly both my wife and I a looking to start seeing results with skin and hair, but I think it’s too soon to see any real results. Overall we are really pleased with our device and I will continue to find other uses for it. "
Jorge H.
Pain is almost gone
"I have been suffering with knee soft tissue pain for over a year. Within the space of a month using the light twice a day, the pain is almost gone and I can walk down stairs with only a twinge. The bonus is my rosacea is also improving."
Theresa S.
My customers love Joovv!
"My customers have been big on Photobiomodulation! It is a great complement to my cryotherapy services. "
David C.
Lean Muscle
"I have been using the Joovv mini for a few weeks now and I have noticed a huge increase in lean muscle. I also defiantly feel a huge boost of testosterone because of how my body is responding to the treatments. I absolutely love this product!!!!"
jimmie b.
Made a real difference in my life
"I have had a real great experience using the joovv light. Help my vision improve and I am beginning to feel more energy."
Patrick L.
I love the Joov light
"I love the Joov light I purchased! I've had great results with it!!"
Julia H.
Adjunct to drug free cancer treatment
"I love the JOOVV you can feel a difference after the first treatment. Its helping me to regain my health ."
Maureen S.
I'm very happy with my
"I'm very happy with my purchase- I've noticed subtle improvements in the quality of my skin, slight reduction of fine lines, and my acne seems to heal faster, which is a wonderful bonus. Definitely recommend!"
Lindsay L.
Calming and Rejuvenating
"I love the relaxing feeling I get when I use my Joovv. I use it in the morning and at night, and I feel like I’m starting fresh after each 10-minute session."
Sonya K.
"I sleep a lot better, my stretch marks are lightening, higher T levels and overall refreshed and feelin good."
Rob P.
Great Product!!
"Use the Joovv every day. Love it! Would like to purchase a bigger one. "
Tyler S.
"I love my Joovv Lights so much I bought one for each of my houses. I can tell a huge difference in my hip & back. I do 10 minutes on the front of my body then 10 minutes on the back of my body every morning! I have told everyone!"
sandra c.
Better eyesight and higher testosterone
"My husband is noticing that his eyesight is slightly improving and his testosterone level is higher."
Maureen L.
Noticeable skin improvement and testosterone levels increase
"No longer a skeptic. Quite noticable changes on only a months use. Will continue with this therapy."
Lachlan C.
I'm Feelin' Joovvy!
"We recently got the hybrid unit, (red and nir), and after about a month, I'm feeling great! The internal benefits are harder to measure, but I'm sleeping well and in general have a nicer feeling of wellbeing and relaxation since I've been using it daily. (I'm normally a high energy, positive personality, but not so relaxed- if that makes sense.) I feel more calm, even, and nourished in a way I didn't feel before the light therapy. Externally, I noticed changes the first week. I have a lot of freckles and sun damage on my face. Previously I considered laser IPL to remove them, but decided not to. After using our Joovv for the last month, ive noticed a change in the texture of my face and neck and a lightening of the sun damage. Freckles are still there, but that's ok!😀 I feel that the benefits of the light therapy are unveiling themselves the more I use it. I love that it doesn't take more than a few minutes a day to begin seeing the benefits. Hoping you are all well and happy! Thanks for creating such a great tool!! We love it!!"
Diana W.
Great product
"My skin feels better and my hair seems to be growing in better."
Carmela M.
Feeling Joovvy...
"The product so far seems very very promising, a brilliant helper for my and my family's health issues. I notice my skin texture improving and it always feels softer after a treatment, plus it already seems to help my energy a little - which, for me, is truly remarkable given my ongoing ghastly fatigue levels and inability to keep up with basic self care. I am keen to utilise it fully and see what's possible for each of us. Very pleased to have discovered the Joovv!"
Alison F.
Love My Joovv
"It has been awesome so far. Helping with my DSAP Auto Immune Disease!!! would recommend to anyone!!"
Steve P.
A Joovv a day...
"Love using the Joovv every morning before work. Seems to give me more energy and a clearer head. Sales support when I bought it was exceptional too. Looking forward to more use and seeing the longer term effect of red light therapy."
Mark G.
Cant live without Joovv
"I cant imagine a day without Joovvin. Its become a part of my DNA. I know you can't stop father time, but I feel like I have these past 5 months. I feel like I just turned 38 and not 48 last this week."
Ernest C.