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Lovin' the joovv
"I was hesitant to do the Joovv before bed thinking it might affect my sleep... but I really wanted to get into a routine of twice a day. So... I braved light before bed. I was SO surprised when I woke up the next morning. I truly had the best sleep ever... and subsequently on any joovv treatment close to bedtime. Also, 3 weeks in to using the joovv, I had a hair appointment. My hair stylist asked, "what are you doing differently... you have a lot of new hair growth". I realized the only different variable added was the joovv. My partner and I also noticed a difference in our body physique and metabolism - much more toned without any change in healthy diet. Mitochondrial support - 100%. I'm a big fan of joovv. "
Tara C.
Reduces redness, uplifts mood
"When I started with the Joovv light, I used it twice a day for 10 minutes each session. I had a nickle size cyst on my face, just under the skin. In 3 days it was reduced to the size of a pencil eraser. In 3 weeks is was the size of a pin head. Very happy with this result. Also, my mood improved. After 10 miniutes under the light, I would feel relaxed and loose, like I had an all over body massage. But even better than that, I got my skeptical boyfriend to try it out, and his mood also improved. Now we have to schedule Joovv light time, just like shower time. Its part of our daily routine. "
Andrea P.
Couple of days in...
"Just three days in and I'm sold. I have knee issues along with back & shoulder problems from working as a courier for FedEx express. Neck problems from a car accident and goiter on my thyroid. In other words I'm kind of a hot mess. Woke up Sunday with my knee screaming and wedding expo to attend with my daughter. Spent ten minutes in front of my joovv combo original and went on my way. Didn't expect immediate results, figured it would take week to see any improvement in that knee. We got to venue, an uphill walk to get in. I realized halfway up, that not only was able to walk it, but I wasn't hobbling in pain! THANK YOU!! Will post more updates but I've also been sleeping better. I'm sold on it!"
Works Very Well
"This was purchased for someone with failing kidneys at the suggestion of his doctors. It has helped him stay functional while he awaits a transplant. It is hard for him to articulate exactly what it does. But he always feels better after a light treatment, And his body is less stiff and sore. A very good product!"
Larry S.
Love this
"Very therapeutic and helps with recovery!"
Jason B.
Missed my Joovv...vacation
"So far the JOOVV has been amazing and I have my whole family using this including my 10 year old. Wake up in the AM early to start the day with 20 minutes. An amazing way to begin your day. End the day with JOOVV about two hours before sleep. Need to come up with a travel JOOVV as certainly couldn’t wait to get home after being gone for a few weeks. "
Paul D.
Love my Joovv
"I’ve been consistent using my Joovv everyday for 3 weeks and I’m noticing improvements to my skin, reduced adult acne breakouts, better sleep, and mood enhancer to name a few. I’m hoping to see improvements in testosterone and thyroid when I get tested in a month. I can only say that I wish I purchased this sooner!! "
Patricia P.
Love it!
"I notice that I have a greater sense of wellbeing since I've started using my red light. I have plenty of energy to get me through the day! I also feel more focused. I love it!"
Steven L.
Rays of Energy
"The Joovv has been instrumental in my healing journey. I love the feeling of being energized by the Joovv. I researched many products before purchasing and am so glad I chose the Joovv"
Suzanne R.
Helped my thyroid condition
"For the first time my hypothyroidism has backed off, and I am actually slightly hyperthyroid. The all happened only a few weeks after using the Joovv light twice daily for 10 minutes per session."
Robert S.
Rapid surgery recovery
"I received my Joovv just before my surgery. I used my Combo Joovv everyday after my surgery. One week post op, the surgeon was amazed at how well I looked. He said I looked like most people look 4 weeks after surgery. It made a believer out of me. I will continue to use my Joovv everyday, because I know it is working even inside my body where I can't see it. "
Lisa S.
NIR and Red light combo
"My vocal cord was damaged 6 years ago and I could not sing like I used to. After having light therapy for the first week, I tried singing again and I was amazed that I could pull high notes which I could not do it for the past few years. Now it is a month of therapy and my voice is getting so much better. Besides this, I sleep better, feel better, my memory improves, my skin condition improves, and my hair is softer."
Jasmine F.
"It's become a part of our health routine. We are seeing younger looking skin and quicker recovery from muscle soreness."
John A.
Great results!!
"I'm really loving my joovv light. The therapy is helping with the rheumatoid arthritis I have on my shoulder. The pain is almost gone. "
Paula M.
Best purchase!
"This light has transformed by days! It gives me energy and so feel it when I am standing in front of it. I love it so much and travel so often, I have purchase the mini so I never have to be without my joov."
Randy S.
Better skin, hip pain gone, IT band pain gone, improved strength, happy mood
"I have been using my Joovv combo original since March 2018 every day with rare exception. I bought the unit for my skin primarily, and I have seen clear improvements all around. I added the NIR to my Joovv because I suffered from hip pain and IT band pain that bothered me most of the time and impacted my sleep every single night, so much so that I would have to take anti-inflammatories before bed. It creeps up on you, but I just remarked to my husband that I can't remember the last time I've had any pain in my hip or IT band, and no more anti-inflammatories needed. I try to go to the gym and lift weights at least three times a week. I've never been particularly successful at building muscle or strength. A short time after using my Joovv daily, I noticed I could lift more weight than I could previously (like 30% more!). No idea why this would be, but it is helping me stay strong, which is important to me (osteoporosis in family history). And finally, the red light makes me happy. I find the experience very peaceful. My only regret is I wish I'd bought the max. The customer service is top notch. "
Awesome engineering combined with great science.
"I can without a doubt feel a difference in my muscle recovery when I use my Joovv light after intense gym workouts or long runs. Great product."
Joshua P.
Glad i purchased
"Eased body aches and pains. Gives me more energy in the mornings. Ive recommended it to clients."
Jason A.
Helpful for chronic mid back pain
"I have had chronic unilateral mid back pain for the last six years That begin when I was pregnant. I have tried many many things to get this to go away including chiropractic, massage therapy, dry needling, yoga, stretching etc. After using the light for one month I definitely have less of a need to twist and pop my back with less discomfort after my workday. I’m a chiropractor that works on my feet all day and does a lot of manual work so it’s hard on my body and I can definitely tell a difference with using the light 20 minutes daily."
Leslie C.
"The Joovv max light (we have two) has made healing much better and faster... everything from bruises, skin issues such as burns and healing and recovery from chemical peels and creams like retin A amazingly easy. Not to mention the fact that it helps my recovery from training that much better. It’s soothing and so I’ve started meditating sourrounded by the warm red light. It feels like I’m doing so much more for my health and well being with the Joovv!"
Shannan P.
A daily 10 min Luxury
"The light therapy has helped me not only take a mindful relaxing period daily, but I feel that its greatly improved my skin irritations. My parents both use it and love it as well!!"
Megan S.
Sleep, Good Vibes, and Recovery - the Triforce of Optimal Living
"This little box of power has changed my life. It puts me into a zen like state where I can really recover and get ready for sleep after training. I love leaving my JOOVV mini on at night as the only light in the room. It helps set the tone for my wind down routine. I've even fallen asleep while leaving it on! Scott and Justin have created a transformative product and have poured their heart and soul into the customer experience around it. It's always a pleasure dealing with the JOOVV team. "
Anthony Benedettini
Amazing results from Joovv Light
"Joovv Light helped my husband with a knee pain and body aches :) It got rid of my hemorrhoids in 10 days :) Its absolutely amazing:) My husband uses Joovv Light few times a day. We are loving it :)"
Barbara F.
I've been approached
"I've been approached by several people that have told me that I look younger. Fine facial wrinkles have faded and deeper ones have filled in to a great degree. I use my Joovv light at night before bed because it makes me sleepy. Good news is I am sleeping better and longer per Fitbit. More deep and rem sleep. Happy with my Joovv."
George G.
Use it every day!
"Lots more energy, feel better and the old wrinkled skin may be smoothing out a little."
Sean M.
Excellent Service.
"I am enjoying the light therapy and using it in association with other therapies. It is early days for me however it is soothing on my tendon and easy to use. The light arrived promptly and is easy to assemble. I would highly recommend this company."
Genevieve C.
Never too late for scar tissue
"I was pleasantly surprised at how the Joovv light affected my 40 year old C sections scars and the underneath tissue. It has felt like my skin was stapled to underneath cement for all these years. After two months of Joovv light, the tissue has become soft and pliable and moveable. I’m amazed and thankful for these results!"
Carol S.
Love it!
"It’s like a cup of coffee for my body. Feels like I recover faster and I just plain feel better all around. "
Ian M.
Love our Joovv
"My wife and I have been using the Joovv for about 6 weeks now and love it. Small scratches and sores do to work have healed with in a couple weeks. Sleep has improved tremendously for both of us. My wife has noticed a slight improvement in her vericose veins. Although it's still to early to notice any improvement in wrinkles we are very hopeful that we will see the results before long. I had an issue with hanging the unit because of the door size and customer service immediately took care of the issue. Excellent customer service. We bought the Joovv Max dual light and so glad we did. It's the perfect size.."
Ronald C.
Love our light💫
"We use our light everyday for just a few, short minutes and just love the overall feeling it gives us...nice energy, less aches and glowy fresh looking skin..."
Brenda B.