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It works!
"Upon receiving my Joovv Light I was immediately mobilized to a remote construction project. I brought the Mini with me to camp and used it daily in my room instead of the fluorescent lights. The relaxation and calming effects of the red light were readily apparent. I look forward to exploring more of the long term benefits and plan on purchasing a larger unit for home and family use, I am very pleased with the unit. I received minor frostbite while repairing equipment on site and I would anecdotally report improved recovery and pain management. Over and above that, a blemish mark on my face seems to be disappearing. Thanks to Melissa and the Joovv team, warm regards from Canada.... -Russell H "
Russell H.
Real deal
"This device is the real deal. A real unit with sufficient power to produce noticeable benefits. Love to use upon waking up to charge my mitochondria, benefit my skin, and just to feel great. It is definitely one of my most worthwhile purchases. Buy once/ cry once. You get what you pay for. "
Christopher N.
Even the dog loves it!
"This has helped my acne prone skin to generate a nice, youthful glow. It has helped DOMs too! Very happy and very much worth the money!! Wish I could attach the picture of my dog stealing my red light sessions!!"
Sian B.
Awesome Light
"great energy booster"
John M.
I'm Very Pleased!!!
"I bought this light (Original Combo) to help with my aches and pains. It definitely helps in that regard, but I'm getting other benefits as well. I have a deep dog bite on the back of my calf with resultant soft tissue trauma that is FINALLY starting to heal, in addition to a surgical scar that's getting smoother and smaller. Customer service has been excellent and delivery was super fast. Set up was a breeze too. I'm looking forward to achieving additional benefits with long term use. Expensive but worth it!"
Vicki V.
Love light therapy
"After using twice a day, my skin looks clearer and healthier. It's a little too soon to say, but I think it is helping my thyroid, and this is the reason I purchased it. I've started changing my medication under supervision of my doctor and would love for my thyroid to heal enough to stop taking medication altogether!"
Michele B.
Great light
"I feel my skin is softer and looks much better. I researched JOOVV light and found it was the best on the market for the price. My sister also bought one too."
Rosie Helling
Highly recommended...product and service
"We are using it in our family for general particular malody in mind. Our main observation is an ‘energizing’ feeling. After a few weeks we all have higher energy levels and generally feel more resilient. Highly recommended to stimulate your mitochondria. "
Carl V.
Excellent health tool
"Whole family using it . Gives us energy . Mood lifting . Also we are seeing changes to skin - dark patches lightening and fading etc "
Samina C.
Thank you
"My pain has decreased significantly. Knee, hip and shoulder pain from fibromyalgia was certainly crippling me. 20 minutes a day I look forward to. "
Emily D.
Calming but too soon to tell
"I do feel really calm after using the hop but I haven’t noticed any skin or other benefits yet. It’s been about a month. "
Allison B.
Joovv Light is as advertised
"My osteoarthritis joint pain is gone. My left knee pain was so bad I trouble doing steps. The pain is gone. I can now exercise. Exercise along with the Joovv helped me loose 25 lbs from November 2017 to January 2018. I see colors more vividly and my vision is sharper. I am more relaxed and my blood pressure has dropped to within normal range. My nasal congestion from allergies has disappeared. I can breath through my nose again which has given me back my sense of smell. I am sleeping so much better and I no longer wake up during the night. "
Elaine K.
Enjoying results thus far!
"I use it for muscle soreness, as does my wife, and it does seem to ease the pain. Also, starting to notice improvement in facial skin elasticity and lessening of wrinkles."
Robert M.
Helped heal broken blood vessels in eye
"Normally when I break blood vessels in the white of my eye it takes approximately a month for it to clear up. Since using my JOOV it cleared up in less than a week. Amazing!!"
Kathleen D.
joov helps with inflammation
"I ordered the Joov red/infared combo to help with inflammation and use it for warmth and relaxation. My whole family loves it. "
marilyn d.
Positive Results Over Time
"More positive and focused mood Better healing from surgery Better appearance of recent scar Better recovery from workouts Results are cumulative and it’s important to have consistent exposure. "
Sara W.
Quality product, excellent service!
"Love my light and look forward to using it daily! "
Kristin W.
Joovv Light Reveiw
"Decreased in pain in feet. Sleep better. Skin on face looks healthier."
Janice G.
Healthier in Michigan
"One of the ways that light therapy has helped me, it has lifted my spirits. I feel much happier. I also have more energy. Generally, I feel healthier."
Carolyn J.
Helping me conquer the world
"I am a biohacking-fitness-loving full-time license massage therapist whose main practice focuses on advanced medical and therapeutic work. I work at a luxe high end fitness spa in McKinney, TX and recently opened my own office. I also work casino shifts on the weekend, lift weights and do the dreaded cardio. The part time shift work throws offf my circadian rhythm drives my inflammation up. The pressure of a new business drives my cortisol up driving my inflammation way up. The sheer physical demands from working on my NHL, MLB, and NFL athlete clients wears my body and gives me a new appreciation for atheletes. The JOOVV light helps me to mitigate mitochondrial damage from all of that and give me the boost to recover. I reset from blue light while I recover and repair. I can tell the difference it makes to kick my health and fitness to the next level so I can do the same for my clients for longer. I use the JOOVV and my body and shoulder joints don’t ache after a long day. I love it for my skin too. I notice a difference even in my skin tone and texture and a tightening of loose skin and even my scars are fading. Amazing product. I only wish I bought it sooner. "
Nathalie H.
More energy
"I have struggled with chronic fatigue and the Joovv has helped me enjoy a boost in my energy level. I feel I have more stamina during the day. "
Pauline J.
Love it
"The Joovv light is a great way to start to day as well as a good way to relax your muscles and unwind after a day spent working and working out"
Wallace C.
Like the warmth and light it brings to my winter body.
"I think my inflammation in joints is getting better. Energy has improved. "
Diane P.
Basking in the light!
"I learned of red light therapy from one of my favorite bloggers, Wellness Mama. I have been on a healing journey for a few years now and I am always looking for ways to improve my health. I have gut, thyroid and autoimmune issues. I have been encouraged by the results I’ve seen in just one month of daily use of the Joovv original combo. I use it for 10 minutes, both front and back. My consistency is paying off because my occasional low back pain is lessening. I’ve also noticed that my facial skin is clearer and more evenly toned. I have suffered with small white patches (vitiligo) on my forearms for years and those are beginning to become less noticeable. I am very encouraged by these early improvements since I’ve read that many benefits are not fully recognized for a few months. I am very happy with my Christmas present!"
Taunya L.
"Joovv Light has been great for my skin, reducing inflammation, and accelerating workout recovery. "
Danish D.
Amazing for pain management with joints
"My wife and I have been using the Joove for about 5 weeks now my wife shoulder problems are almost completely gone, I have bad knees left knee as a replacement it’s truly is amazing for pain management. As expensive as medical bills are this is a bargain and very easy financing through ( bread) also wrinkles and stretch marks getting much better. Thanks 🙏 "
David O.
Love my Joovv
"Every mornings I get up and spend some time standing in front of my Joovv light. I had shoulder surgery and I feel it has helped get back my range of motion."
Victoria p.
Raise your testosterone levels
"I first got interested in red light therapy after reading an article in men's health about how it could naturally raise testosterone levels. I did not do any tests of my testosterone levels before I started using the joove light, but I wish I had. I that it has raised my levels considerably. Not only do I have more energy in my workouts, but the strength and potency of my erections has increased considerably. It was not an effect that I was really expecting or hoping for, but It had probably been the biggest and most noticeable effect of using the light, and has convinced me that it has raised my testosterone levels. I have also seen noticeable improvements in my skin, its seems to have a glowing quality to it. Not really something I would have prioritized enough to buy the light for, but its a nice side benefit. I would absolutely recommend the light to men in there 30's or 40's who are looking to perform both athletically and sexually like they did in there 20's."
Michael M.
"The joovv light has been great for my brown spots and fine wrinkles on my face- because I am using it on my face I have noticed my hair on my head is growing in thicker which I wasn’t expecting but love how thick it is. I have to confess I was going to a tanning place to get the full body redlight therapy for 3 months before getting the joovv because I didn’t want to commit to buying something so expensive if I wasn’t going to see the results. I have arthritis in several of my joints and can say my big regret with getting the joovv was not getting the full length size so now I have to move it to different areas which takes more time. I got the smaller size which I love because I can move it around- which came in handy when my elderly dog that had two surgeries removing cancer- I put it on her spots to help her heal and I could tell it felt good for her and she did heal nicely . The results were amazing and now I use it on her hips which she loves. So I guess having two sizes is the way to go. I love mine and will eventually invest in the bigger size because it does make a big difference with my pain management. As far as helping my son with his eczema we didn’t see any results- maybe we aren’t doing that part correctly. Not sure."
Michele S.
Back to the womb...
"The warmth that engulfs you is womb-like, not that I remember, but there is a peacefulness in the light. Practically speaking, no question it's good for the skin, evidence a skin tag on my eyelid that just dried up and fell off with no evidence it was ever there. My eczema, while not yet eliminated is noticeably subdued. And I have every belief good things are happening internally as well. We love our Joovv light! So worth it. "
Mike B.