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“The Joovv Go puts the power of light therapy in the palm of your hand.”

“For me, the biggest thing for my skin care is the Joovv light.” Duncan Keith, NHL Champion

“GQ 2020 Fitness Award” Joe Holder, GQ Creative Director of Your Better Self

“It is now a daily habit. Flip on my Joovv and get my red light on.” Ben Greenfield

“An incredibly easy-to-use red-light-therapy device, you can bring all of the benefits of this treatment to your own home.”

How Can Joovv Support Your Health and Lifestyle?

Light therapy can be an integral part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Using Joovv can enhance cellular function and help support the following:

Skin Health

Performance & Recovery


Sleep Optimization

"Daily use has significantly improved my sleep quality and exercise recovery."

Tim L.| Boulder, CO

The Joovv Solo Starting at $1,345

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Love the effects of red and near infrared light! Great for the skin, healing inside and out, better quality sleep and rejuvenation, and improved energy for the day."

Zeeshan T.| Austin, TX

The Joovv Elite Kit

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The Joovv Solo Starting at $1,345

Click Here

The Joovv Elite Kit

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